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Many women do not feel satisfied with the appearance of their breasts. In order to improve them they turn to a variety of cosmetics, and often also benefit from a surgery. But it is worth to know that you can beautify bust by adequate fitness exercises.

The suppleness of breasts can be ensured by performing exercises with dumbbells. An example might be an exercise with weights performed lying down. The legs should be bent. Dumbbells should be kept at chest height. Then the practitioner straightens his hands, and then returns to the previous position.

The next exercise is done in a standing position, feet slightly apart. Hands must be kept in front of you at chest height, bending them at right angles. Then, the practitioner opens them, so that they are on both sides of the body. At the same time you should take your chest to the back.

It is very important to adjust the weight of the load, because too light dumbbells will not allow to achieve tangible results, while too heavy will be a burden on muscles.

Very good results can also be achieved through fitness exercises performed without dumbbells. A good example are very well-known pumps. In addition to these usual it is worth to perform kneeling push-ups and so-called roving push-ups. Satisfactory results can be achieved also through fitness exercises performed with the ball.

However, it is worth remembering, that you will have to wait a little longer for the effects. Of course, as with any other workouts, very important is to undertake it systematically.